Quotes on coffee...

I make serious coffee, so strong it wakes up the neighbors.
[unknown author]

Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised.
[Star Trek: Voyager]


Coffee is an internationally spread beverage, which is produced by the roasted and ground seeds of the coffee-tree. Coffee has a revitalizing action due to its main ingredient, caffeine, which is an alkaloid ingredient contained in the seeds of its fruits. It is estimated that about 400 billion coffees are prepared every year.

Coffee varieties

There are two main species of coffee-tree that produce the two varieties, which cover the international market of coffee: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta.

Arabica variety.

It is the older of the two species. It is thought to be indigenous to Ethiopia and was first cultivated on the Arabian Peninsula, as you can tell by its name. Arabica variety represents 78% of the world coffee production.
It usually prospers in high altitudes and its taste is more refined in comparison with the other kinds of coffee and it contains 1% caffeine. The Arabica variety is produced, nowadays, mainly in countries of the Central and South America and it is famous for the strong aromatic flavor that it gives to coffee.
Various types of mild coffees are produced by the Arabica variety.

Robusta variety.

Robusta variety is more resistant to plant diseases than Arabica, due to the caffeine quantity it contains, which is almost double the quantity contained in Arabica (caffeine can paralyze even kill some of the insects that threaten the coffee trees). It is a “robust” species with high production per plant. It prospers in low altitudes and it has a sharper, harder taste. The Robusta variety represents 22% of the world coffee production, it has the capability of adjusting to warm-humid climates, in which Arabica does not prosper.
Despite its flavour is more neutral in comparison with Robusta's flavour, it is quite popular, especially in the form of dissolvable coffee.

Most of the coffee products that are traded nowadays within the market are packed blends of these two coffee species in various combinations, which have different characteristics in order to reach the flavour and the aroma that consumers desire.

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